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“I’ll never tire of quietly sitting and watching as birds and animals
play, feed and share their lives in my garden.”

Ark Wildlife Limited is a family based business located in Codicote Hertfordshire headed by Sean McMenemy who is ably helped by his wife and extended family in addition to many friends, all living in the local area.

Sean McMenemy who has been a lifelong ‘nature nutter’ inclined to dive into hedges and ditches uttering ‘I’m sure I saw a…mummemmr’ and generally embarrassing everyone around him. After many years working for landscape and ground maintenance contractors, he wanted to encourage more awareness of the beauty and fragility of our own native species and has been dedicated to promoting the benefits of all wildlife forms (particularly native) in the domestic garden since 1990.

Sean established a business in 1991 called Noahs Ark Wildlife Gardens providing a design and build service for people interested in attracting more wildlife to their urban and rural gardens. As well as suggesting wildlife friendly planting schemes and hard landscape features such as ponds, he increasingly was asked to provide features such as nest boxes, habitats and feeds.

By 2001, Noahs Ark Wildlife Gardens had grown so large supplying wild bird food and wildlife accessories it was necessary to make major changes to the business set-up and reorganize into a dedicated wildlife food and accessory supplier. At this time it was obvious to everyone that setting up a dedicated specialist mail order department would allow them to offer their experience and expertise beyond the local geographical area and on a national level and the business became known as Ark Wildlife Limited.
One of the advantages of Sean’s background is that the direct approach to business means he is still in daily contact with a wide range of customers and other wildlife enthusiasts. The feedback from them has been invaluable in the development of the business but also in the products supplied.

From early on, it was clear to Sean that the existing wild bird and animal feed markets were very restricted in availability, quality and variety. So with the assistance of ornithological and wildlife experts he designed a new range of bird and wild animal feeds – developed specifically to suit the dietary and feeding habits and needs of the species in question.
You will find these feeds and accessories throughout the shop and they are all branded under the registered name of ‘Ark’ products.

Noahs Ark Wildlife Gardens no longer carry out landscape work but instead provide all their experience and knowledge in this area, free of charge, via these pages and downloadable ‘fact sheets’ throughout the web site.
Sean McMenemy more recently (in addition to the day to day running of the business) spends much of his time talking directly with Ark customers as well as attending talks and presentations at local schools, helping with wildlife and environmental subjects within the curriculum and ‘wildlife garden’ planning projects. He also regularly appears as a wildlife expert on the BBC and has a weekly nature and science slot on BBC 3CR.

Due to the life long love of British native wildlife, Ark Wildlife Ltd was set up with more in mind than simply become the premier supplier of wild bird food and wildlife products in the UK. Part of the planning incorporates commercial and charity work and giving. For instance Sean provides interactive talks and shows free of charge for school and charitable organisations looking to promote a better understanding of the British countryside and environment.
The business also runs a very successful Affiliate program that allows wildlife charities and rescue centres to earn money either directly selling Ark products or simply through an Internet link service, provided by Ark Wildlife.
In the near future, we’re also preparing a chat room, games area and video playback section for school pupils to update with their own experiences, successes and mishaps for us all to enjoy and learn from.

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Ark Wildlife Limited
High Heath Farm
Tel: 01438 820784
Fax: 01438 822058
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